BLIMS is a laboratory information management system to automate sample management and tracking activities to ensure data integrity through out the laboratory testing cycle.  Independent activities like sample registration, barcode management, laboratory activities, QA review, report generations are tightly integrated to ensure sample visibility at any particular point in time. The solution is customizable to any industry that has sample processing activity as part of their services.

Salient features of the solution are :

  • Browser based secure solution.
  • ISO 17025 compliant.
  • Real-time status tracking.
  • Alerts for pending tasks.
  • QC graphs, management and efficiency reports.
  • Test results, upon verification, can be emailed / faxed / SMSed to the client as needed.
  • Powerful live search engine.
  • Client workspace definition.
  • Sample registration with Barcode integration.
  • Analysis profiles and Analysis specification.
  • Worksheet management.
  • Order Management.
  • Lab Instrument integration.
  • Instrument calibration module.
  • Reference standard management.
Data Management

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